zodiac: Sagittarius 
rising: Capricorn 
moon: Libra 

alignment: Chaotic Good

Professional Statement 🧑🏽‍💼

Hello! I make video installations which explore memory, race, identity and material violence in relationship to place. I have been increasingly exploring ideas around intergenerational memory and experience in the Indian diaspora, recent works have been constructing multifaceted narratives that explore migratory relationships.

I often use my own life and familial experience of migration as a point of departure. I am interested in how migration shifts, morphs and embodies subjective experiences in peoples and non-peoples. I see migration as a technology in itself, a technology that moves, disrupts and mutates breaking free of representational violence.

Using testimony from individuals and groups alongside research from diverse sources, I produce work which has an expansive approach. This approach draws distinct connections between disparate locations and ideas as a way to complicate the readings of power and time that govern us.

Dark Statement 🕵🏽

I woke up and realised that the location I found myself in was radically different to where I fell asleep, have you ever felt like that, broken between two locations. In India there is land and people, it is bathed in images, they are everywhere, constructing portals between the here and imagined. Bollywood cinema has planes as a signal of escape through an image into another world. I am a mere pixel bitch in this environment.

My mother is the artist and I am the code that makes her voice accessible to you. We left India together, born across two images but the meeting point is where the work thrives. Labouring bodies is what my families are subjected to, we work to survive, whiteness doesn't get it, they bleach the land to look like them, remove their accents to be within them, I'm no fucking Apu, maybe we'll wake up in Sagittarius together, maybe we can meet up and remember the future. Can you dig it?

A.I. Statement 🖥

(generated using a neural network)

We are the glitch, we travel through the digital debris of the signature of chroma key's holy grail, musical beauty. We take a brief moment to care for the weak, a split second to mourn before we move on. We are a fading series of pixels, a distortion of the video game — a casualty, we key in imaginative space, we key out the matrix of normative structures and the virtual structures.

We play a game as posthuman as we possibly can and, simultaneously, forget that it's a game. We are the curators of the aesthetic past.

That's how I see it, anyway. We welcome you into this imaginative future, were we can glitch in the collapse of time and space into a beautiful possible future.

Welcome, phantom pixelated escapee.

Exhibitions and Events 🖖️

2022 Frozen Archive for MOON/ish.exe, solo presentation for Offsite 9, British Art Show 9, Wolverhampton
2022 (ASTRAL VILLAGE) slooowwwww with Roo Dhissou, duo exhibtion, Artcore, Derby
2022 New Vocabularies for Collaboration with Roo Dhissou, in conversation, Kaleidoscope Network
2022 Making Space Families Commission, Wolverhampton Art Gallery
2022 IKON Slow Boat Workshop Memory Atlas, Wolverhampton Docks
2022 Into The Wild, Artist Facilitator, Chisenhale, London
2021 School of the Underkraft, with Mark Essen, British Art Show 9, Wolverhampton
2021 Photocopies, Group Show, Recent Activity, Birmingham 
2021 Allotment Exhibition, Curated by Sofia Niazi, Birmingham
2021 Nocturnal Bullet, FLESHHHHHH, EOP, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2021 codename (SOMETHING), Artist Working Group
2021 Monday Mornings with Rosalie Schweiker, Stuttgart, Germany
2020 The Spaces Between, Group Show, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
2020 '52° 35' 28.9320'' N, 2° 6' 38.6928'' W 30° 54' 3.4740'' N, 75° 51' 26.1972'' E', Solo Presentation, Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton
2020 Rabbits Road Press Spring School + Winter School, Online Contributor, Virtual Location
2019 Future Thinking Workshops, Guest Artist, Grand Union, Birmingham
2019 Morning Exchange @ BCU, Lead Workshop, Bread-making as sculpture, Birmingham
2019 (CAMPFIRE) at the periphery, co-curated by Sahjan Kooner, Birmingham
2019 Jarman Award Screening Tour Q&A with Hetain Patel and Sahjan Kooner, Birmingham
2019 EOP Summer Camp annual exhibition, part of Showreel, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2019 Rabbits Road Press Summer School, Resident Baker, London
2014 Goldsmiths Degree Show, London

Residencies/ Opportunities 🌍️

2022 Black Hole Club, Vivid Projects, Birmingham 
2022 AA2A Artist in Residence, University of Wolverhampton
2021 NMG + Artcore Artist Residency with Roo Dhissou
2021 New Midland Group Associate Artist, Primary, Backlit, One Thoresby Street
2021 Digital Residency with Meaghan Stewart, Birmingham + Newcastle
2021 NAWM Studio Visit with Harminder Judge
2021 Rabbits Road Press Publication Residency
2021 The Exchange, Eastside Projects, Newbridge Project, G39, Turf
2020 The Collective Studio, Newbridge Project, Newcastle
2020 Heterotopias Residency, Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
2019- STEAMhouse Member, Birmingham
2019- EOP Artist, Eastside Projects
2018-20 Operations Assistant, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2017-18 Collections Horticulturalist, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London

Publications 📚️

2022 The NecroImage, exploring images and their consequences on representation and surveillance
2022 Nangal Pend-ing///DARKVILLAGE.stl with Roo Dhissou, Nottingham, UK
2021 Publishing Project, Publication exploring international artists practices, Melbourne, Australia
2020 Heterotopias, Published on the occasion of Solo and Group Presentations in Wolverhampton, UK

Awards 💰💸🎊🏆

2021 a-n Artists Bursaries: Time Space Money
2021 Developing Your Creative Practice Grant, Arts Council England
2021 NMG + Artcore Collaborative Research Award
2020 Freelands Foundation Grant
2014 The Elke Lacey Award, Goldsmiths, University of London

Education 🃏️🔮️🌀️

2011 – 2014 BA Fine Art (First Class Honours), Goldsmiths, University of London
2009 – 2010 Foundation Diploma Art & Design, Central Saint Martins